About Fluent Social

Fluent Social is a team effort. And every team needs a conductor.

  • John McElhenney – Founder and Team Lead
  • experts and worker bees on demand

Started in 2010 by John McElhenney an experienced digital commerce executive who has held previous positions at Dell, Digital Realty, WellSky, SicolaMartin (Y+R Austin), Tocquigny, and media|forum UK. Fluent Social has been building websites, social media outreach campaigns, and marketing plans for over ten years. Fluent Social is a collaborative collective. Our services are always based on time + materials. Transparency and collaboration are our battle cry.

Fluent Social is an iterativ.ai company.

Fluent Social can provide you with immediate access to a team for all of your digital marketing needs. From SEO experts to core DEV leaders, to business intelligence consultants and data engineers. We partner with your project leader to assemble the just-in-time expertise your project requires.

We are proud to be a part of Apple’s Developer Network.

Apple Developer Program 2023

Fluent Social has experience in both corporate and consumer marketing. Previous and current clients have included: Amazon, Sony, HP, Dell, Microsoft, Logitech, Yahoo!, and Motorola.

We also partner with several national agencies: 90 Octane (Denver), SOL Marketing (Austin), and CRK Interactive (San Francisco) to lead white-label digital marketing projects under their brand.

The 100-Proof Plan

Fluent Social is not an agency there are no contracts and no markup plans. We are a time-plus-expenses resource for companies needing to expand their digital capacity without making an agency or staffing commitment. When you hire us for the work, we don’t mark up partners’ or vendors’ work, we work as a team that goes to work for you at cost. It’s called the 100 Proof Plan. We bring experts when needed. You pay only for their time.

Check here [PARTNERS] for direct strategic support.

This page: How to Hire a Consultant, Partner, Worker Bee might help clarify some of the ways we work with partners and businesses like yours.

Based on the scope of the project, Fluent Social will assemble the team of experts you need, while not charging you for services or overhead you don’t need. We believe in pay for performance, so if you are not 100% happy with our results we will gladly refund your money.

Your first thirty-minute consulting session is free, so what do you have to lose?

There are many ways we can get started via a web/video call.

A. Training & Educational Presentations (working with teams & groups to kick-start or reenergize your social program)
I have presented to large groups at Austin’s South by Southwest Interactive festival as well as smaller groups of high-level executives on online marketing programs and social media strategies.

B. Consulting (Writing the Social Media Strategy Plan for your business and team)
Let’s map out the strategy for your next program. I can help by the hour or by the project. From creative direction and team/project leadership to technical deployments, I’ve done projects big and small, and I can bring that learning to your project. Let’s cut to the chase and get it done.

C. High-Performance Working Sessions (Let’s put a working session together )
The following half-day sessions are meant for small and medium-sized businesses. They can be presented to your team in person or virtually using WebEx or a similar program.

What does a social media strategist do?

What do you say when people ask, “What do you do?” Ummm. I say, “I’m an online marketer.” What that means is I do whatever it takes to build online marketing programs that sell services or products on the web. I’ve had a long tenure in design both for the web, interactive, and print. I’ve done enough SEO and PPC work to be competent in most systems and best practices. And I’ve got a good handle on how to put together cohesive campaigns from web, to email, to direct mail, and bring the whole thing together with analytics and optimization to create revenue. Sure, I do social media too, but these days there’s a lot more work that needs to be done. Putting up a Facebook fan page and tweeting some coupons on Twitter isn’t going to do much. You’ve got to know how to create content.

Fluent Social is ready to engage with your online marketing team and accelerate your leads.

Thanks for stopping by,

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