What Does Social Media Marketing Cost?


The simple answer is $75 – $200 per hour, depending on what you need and how much of it you need. Some social work can be based 100% on results. (Example: $1 for every qualified lead. We do all the work.) But in general you can pay by the hour, or by the day, if it’s consulting you need.

Social media consulting means training your staff how to do social effectively and with an eye towards results and not just “activity.” If your digital/social marketing is not delivering results, they are not doing it right. Social is an accelerant to what you’re already doing. We have to have good content to socialize. Sure we can help with content too, if that’s what you need. Let’s have a conversation about what you have in your budget for sales and marketing. We can divide and conquer. Tell us what you’re struggling with, we can put some ideas and frameworks in place to jump-start your active program, or build a new program from scratch.

Introducing two new ways to ramp up your inbound marketing:

1. Strategic Project Quick Win (1/2 day session) [$700 and up]

2. Online Marketing Assessment & Refresh (5-session package) [$2,000 and up]

3. On-going Strategic Team Support (weekly meetings and assessments) [$750 per-week and up]

4. On-site Training Session [$1,000 plus airfare and accommodations]

5. Social Media and Analytics Micro-Audit [$750 and up]

We can put a plan and content calendar in place, or we can work with yours. But if you don’t have a content calendar, you’re not really doing social marketing, you’re just playing with social. Social business, means driving business using social media. That’s our expertise.

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We’re excited to learn about your business and get started leveraging some smart thinkers and applying best practices to build your business.

You may not need an agency, you need just the parts of an agency that fit your needs. That’s where we come in.

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