Strategic Content Marketing Packages

Is SEO Dead? Long Live Content & Relevance!

Okay, so SEO is not dead, but it’s certainly on life support. Today Google is looking at social signals and the actual relevance of the content and ignoring most of the meta tags and SEO tricks and tactics. So what does that mean for businesses trying to maintain their ranking and SERP results?

Content has been crowned as King once again. Social is the Queen and Jester. And traditional SEO has become more like the castle staff. Know your keywords, know your SERP sweet spots, but now is the time to reorient towards content and the socialization of that content. With out killer content and relevant shares (which you can ask for, but cannot control) your results are going to continue to drop, as they have on Facebook and other non-Google social/search sites.

Here’s where we can help.

  1. Understand your business footprint within the content, search, and social web.
  2. Provide a strategic content and sharing calendar for your team. (Or we can provide the content as well.)
  3. Generate amazingly sharable and current content based on your business goals and vertical markets. Ghost-written content attributed to your executives can build reputation at the same time it is building your Google rank and search results.
  4. Work with your internal stakeholders to get the content and new inbound process performing flawlessly.
  5. Measure effectiveness based on business goals. Optimize, revise, and continuously reinvent your content flow and strategic plan to generate business. Period.

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Let’s talk about your content marketing plan and how it impacts everything you do on the Internet going forward. FluentSocial, that’s what we’re all about.

  • Starter/Intro Package – One-time audit and content plan package. ($5,000 – $10,000 based on time and team)
  • Uplift and Process Development – Audit and process map, with implementation support for your team. ($5000 – $20,000 based on requirements)
  • Unlimited Inbound Business Support – Full content revamp, inbound metrics and process development, with ongoing content development and editing. ($3,000 monthly, based on requirements)

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