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Site Search Dumbed Down – User Experience (UX) Epic Fail #1

When you’ve been part of digital marketing teams for a long time you see some dumb stuff. Large companies with middle managers who think they are experts on everything. I’ve worked with some experts, and ma’am, you are not an expert.

In this epic failure in user experience, we see a company that paid for an ai-enhanced site search application. In the rush to build a new website, the full configuration was delayed.

The problem is, that the site search was still not configured a year later. The middle manager had experts on their team. They had vendors in design, ux, and ui. The main problem they had, however, was this: if all of your team are YES MEN and you begin to think you’re the smartest of everyone on your team, YOU might be missing a huge error. It’s possible your UX vendor understands the failure but is going along with your strong opinions.

I present the AI-assisted site search UX failure. One of the primary missing features “Identify search intent with AI” is now being heralded as a next-gen feature for websites.

User Experience Failure #1 - AI-assisted site search not configured

As digital marketing consultants for some of the largest brands in tech, we’re invested in not letting this failure happen on your site. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s failure: The Mega-Menu “Worst Practice” Example

John McElhenney